Agriculture Residency Program

Our Residency Program is on hold due to Covid-19. We hope to start up again soon.

Agriculture Experience Residency Program

As part of this three day residency we will be hosting a number of leaders in the Agriculture Industry to share their passions and knowledge with students. Along with speakers, students will take part in tours, hands-on work, games, hikes, discussions, and course work to earn high school credits. Our own Altario School Students will act as student leaders and camp among other students in the residency to help answer questions and share their passion for Agriculture and the rural way of life.

Our Intent

The purpose of this residency is multi-faceted:

  • To create ‘Ag’Vocates for the Agriculture Industry

  • Develop an understanding of where our food comes from

  • Gain an appreciation for the rural way of life

  • Understand the opportunities and innovation in the Agriculture Industry

  • Gain a sense on how to appreciate what the land and animals can provide for us

  • Understand the basics of an industry that feeds the world.

Agriculture Experience Residency Assessment

Students will be given a number of assignments prior to, during, and after the agriculture experience residency to complete. Student work will be collected by our Agriculture Education Instructor and this course work will be used to assess them learning. Most course work will be submitted using Google Classroom (online pre-course work and work during residency.) Students will need to complete an Agriculture Project to return to their home school with to share their agriculture knowledge. Students will receive 4 courses through this 3 day residency which means 4 credits for each student.

Special resources, facilities or equipment necessary

Students will need access to a computer prior to the residency to complete coursework as well as bring a computer to the residency trip for class working times. We will spend a large amount of time in our Agriculture Learning Center at our school. All trip accommodations, food, resources, and equipment is provided by the Altario Agriculture Residency program, as well as transportation during the residency. Transportation to and from the course start and end locations are the responsibility of the visiting school.

Teacher Supervision and Responsibilities

Before Residency-

  • Responsible for busing to Altario School on the first day of residency and when students leave to return to home school

  • Responsible for ensuring classwork for students prior to attending the residency is completed on time and ensuring students finish up final work when they return to their own schools

  • Responsible for letting Residency Contact know of any food allergies, dietary concerns or health issues prior to residency

  • Sending a completed list of names, grade, M/F 1 month prior to Residency

During Residency-

  • Ensure all forms and waivers are given to Residency Organizer on arrival

  • Sleeping in tent in pasture area and ongoing supervision of students at camp and at school

  • Responsible to always be with students attending the trip

After Residency-

-Ensure completion of coursework for students

-Complete a feedback form for us