Ag Residency



      Agricultural Residency

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DAY 1 - Setting up

We started our first day setting up the tents and having a great supper prepared for us by community members.   Elder Russell was invited to share some First Nation teaching with us. He had planned, as part of the teaching, to have the students raise the tipi. Because of the weather, it was not possible today.  No camping is complete without a campfire, students and staff members ended their first night enjoying the fire and sharing a great time together.

DAY 2 -Touring local farms 

                           Farm tours          

A busy day was planned for the students they started their tour at Dry Land Agro. Dallas shared all things seed to harvest including fertilizer and chemical applications as well as farming efficiency!  Next stop was to Double F Farms Craig shared the intricacies of both his land and cattle operations and the innovations he is exploring to improve farming practices. 

        Tipi Raising

We were able to take a little time away from our tour to learn how to raise a tipi with elder Russell Joseph.

Day 3

Local farmer, Doug Noble explaining the cuts of meat and the finishing of an animal. Thanks also for leading us on branding our cow/calf pair.

After a final tour of our school farm we said goodbye to our guests.

Over the past days we have explored various career opportunities and practices in agriculture. We have made curriculum connections to chemistry, biology, physics, math, and social studies. We have experienced First Nations practices, stories, and beliefs. Most importantly, we have seen new friendships form between our schools.

We have great students in our schools. They are kind, caring, polite, open-minded, inquisitive, and fun.

checking out the school farm and Growcer

The students enjoyed great meals prepared by community volunteers and meat from grown from our school farm. In the in the evening we played disking and enjoyed the fire.