Bottle Fed Calves 2021-22

New Initiative at the Altario Agriculture Academy!

The Altario Agriculture Program is constantly trying to grow through new, exciting student led initiatives. Our newest venture for our students is a bottle calf partnership with Double F Farms.

The Plan:

Individual students will purchase orphan calves from the local farm. They must feed the calves for a minimum of 90 days. At that time they may sell the calf back to the feedlot or decide to feed it longer and sell it at a later date. Students will decide this themselves and will consider current commodity/calf and future commodity/calf prices. After selling the calf, students will reimburse the school for feed and pay a small rental fee for barn space.

This is education!

This program is completely voluntary for students in grades 6-12.

Oct 2021- So far we have three calves in the pen. The students involved are taking turns, each week two students take care of all the calves. We hope to have more joining the pen soon.