2021-2022 school year

Cow production manager - Maddie Ference  Gr. 7

The herford cow and calf have returned to the Altario SLF.  She did a great job raising her calf this summer and the calf has been put in the pen with 4 more calves that will be fed this school year.  We voted to sell the Holstein cow this year and we are looking to purchase another bred cow to add to the farm.

2020-2021 school year

This year the Holstein cow's calf arrived in March

Deciding she was able to look after more than just her calf Mr. Creasey brought two more calves for her to look after.

2019-2020 school year

Thank you to Dillon Babcock for donating this cow and calf

Board member Barry Davis arrived just in time to help unload 

February 28th, 2020 - The cow and calf have been with us for a month, now that the weather has improved they are very happy to spend their days outside in a new pen.