Growcer empowers you to grow local produce anytime and anywhere, from the arctic to the desert, with its hydroponic container farms that are 100% designed and built in Canada. 

The latest addition to the Altario Agriculture Academy is a Growcer Food modular. This hydroponic container farm is completely designed and built in Canada. It will allow Altario students to grow fresh produce all year round. The Academy hopes to provide fresh produce to the local community, as the closest grocery store to Altario School is 50 km. away. 

We are working hard to get the Growcer up and running. Make sure and come back to our website to see the how we are doing.

Oct 27th Update - The power company came today to setup the power to the Growcer. We are one step closer to being up and running.  We are working on getting  a good water supply and the students and staff involved are very busy studying and watching videos about how the Growcer works

May 2022

The growcer has become a very busy place getting ready for the grand opening. 

We have a new building to house the water system and people have been here setting up the growcer for the past two weeks. Next week the students and staff will get training before we start producing our first crop.

Grand Opening

We held a  large celebration today, not only for the grand opening of the Growcer but also to so how the farm has grown over the last few year and to show case the amazing work done by the students on the Student Led Farm.

Students gave tours to a  large amount of people,and other schools, that came to see the farm.

The day ended with supper su[plied be the ladies from our growing Ukrainian Community.