Sheep Production Manager  Rylan Roesler Gr. 10               Nathan Turner Gr.11

This year the school decided to bring the ram back to the barn for the 2022 breeding season. 


Sheep Production Manager  Nathan Turner Gr. 10

In the year 2021- 2022 the farm decided to decrease the sheep herd. This was done by saying goodbye to the four lambs that started the sheep program, these were the bottle lambs donated by Lakeland College. In order to breed the ewes bought the Student Lead Farm Team needed to find a ram and Kelly Cooper (Fusiler Sheep) donated a Purebred North Country Cheviot ram for the farms' use. The ram was picked up at the end of November 2021 and was taken back to the Vert farm along with the two ewes for the breeding season. The ewes came back after Christmas and the ram spent the rest of the year at the Vert's farm. The 2022 spring brought 2 female lambs and one male to our barn. 


Sheep production manager  Jessica Vert (Gr. 8)               Kinley Baier (Gr. 10)

Kinley and Jessica decided to increase the sheep herd this year and purchased two bred ewes. Several weeks after they arrived, to everyone's excitement four lambs were born, three girls and one boy

Cooling down for the summer!

Past student of Altario School, Rob Cooper, showed the students how to sheer sheep. Maybe next year some of them may try out their skills, with Rob's help.

After spending over 4 months at Jessica's farm, due to Covid, the sheep have returned fully grown. They are enjoying all the attention from the students every day.

September 2019- June 2020 school year

Sheep production manager - Natasha Murphy & Jessica Vert (Gr. 7)

Breakfast time

Day 3 of bottle feeding and there is no shortage of help to feed the lambs.

General Manger Lucas Van Lagen comes every evening to feed them.