SLF Team

Our Team

Having received the mentorship and inspiration from Lakeland College, Altario School has created its own Student Led Farm (SLF). Each student in grades 7-12 had the opportunity to apply for the positions on this leadership team by submitting their resume. After going through the interview process, each student received their respective positions.

The goal of of the SLF is to give students the opportunity for our students to make managerial decisions on the farm and to make decisions for future projects and directions of our farm.

Kevin Van Lagen - Principal

Visionary, responsible for creating learning partnerships, financial support, and public relations.

Darren Jacobson - Vice Principal

Day to Day Management of the farm, Agriculture Residency and Agriculture Education

Craig & Jinel Ference - Double F Farms  (Special Advisers). 

Won Alberta outstanding  young farmer in 2018

Won Canadian  outstanding young farmer in 2018

Hosts of Residency Program

Roles and Responsibilities of SLF Team

Role of Staff Coordinator:

• Coordinate all of the SLF units to ensure communication between all members and mentors

• Work on goal setting with all production teams

• Monitor the performance of teams.

• Plan and run SLF Meetings

• Coordinate the mentorship process

• Oversee all production teams

• Work with LLC faculty team to operate SLF program

• External Communications

Role of SLF General Manager

• Oversee all farm production and operation

• Assist in the development of the skills and full participation of team members.

• Delegate tasks to team managers and team members and oversees that tasks are completed; attends working team meetings when necessary.

• Facilitate the creation and completion of team goals.

• Feeding on weekends to all farm animals

• Strong Communication with Staff Coordinator and Student Productions Leaders

Role of Assistant General Manager:

• Assist the General Manager in all of their duties.

• Assist in weekend feeding- duties may be split up

Role of Finance Manager:

• Responsible for keeping track and reporting on farm finances

• Responsible for maintaining the financial records.

• Responsible for maintenance of files.

• Report on financial activities at team meetings

Role of Production Managers: Cattle, Turkeys, Crop, Chickens, others may be added

• Responsible for the overall leadership and functioning of the Production team.

• Monitor the production performance of the crops/livestock unit.

• Responsible for maintaining the production records.

• Report on production activities to the General Manager and at team meetings.

• Communicate with Farm Staff and Farm Manager as required.

• Daily-Week feeding- responsible for teaching 1 new younger students about your side of production for a week, then start again the next week with a new student.

• Communicate Weekend feedings with general or assistant general manager

Role of Operations Team:

• These will be younger students or students not directly related to a position that will come out to feed on a weekly rotation- 1 student per production unit.

Role of Public Relations Manager:

• Responsible for the overall leadership and function of the Public Relations team.

• Responsible for ensuring communications and publication of SLF team activities, outcomes and events and in a timely and effective way.

• Coordinate SLF activities- meetings, events, upcoming dates

• Communicate events and happenings to local media or on social media accounts

• Creation and operation of social media accounts

• Report on Public Relations activities to the General Manager and at team meetings.

• Communicate with Farm Staff and Farm Manager as required.

Final Presentation

Students who hold official roles as part of the Student Lead Farm will be required to create a final presentation on their experience, knowledge, and skills gained.